Brands have distinct personalities, just like people. So getting your branding right — and consistent — is really important. How does your brand speak? What language do you use? How do you visually communicate who you are? All of these questions are answered through branding projects with Amy & Jo.

New Brand Development

New brands are so fun to create! It is best to think of everything from look, to feel, to language and how you present yourself. Our team can help with creating all of the aspects associated with launching a new brand. We can assist with logo design, brand language, design guidelines and a rollout plan.

We have a team of expert designers in our network with varying styles — so we are confident we can achieve what you have been dreaming up. And our past experience with such projects, places Amy & Jo in the position to ensure that together we achieve brand consistency for your new business.

Brand Refresh or Rebrand Project

Now completely rebranding isn’t something we would recommend for the faint-hearted. Depending on the size of the brand, rebranding can be a massive project. However, if you current look and feel and vibe is outdated, sometimes a refresh is what the doctor ordered.

Amy & Jo has worked on three rebrand projects over the last decade. We have rolled out “simple” logo updates along with more complex brand name changes (which of course had new logos as well).

We can assist with the planning phases of such a task, along with consulting with designers on look, feel, colours and design to really nail your “why”. When you are making such a big change to your business, it is critical to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s so you don’t have a confusing presence in the market.