Content is king! We are in a new era where information marketing is so critical. Consumers are demanding transparency from organisations. They also want plenty of information when making purchase decisions. Amy & Jo can assist with content marketing for your business, to keep you at the forefront of your industry.

Why Do Search Engines Care About Content?

Google and the other leading search engines are continually updating their search algorithms to return results that are relevant to the user. Over the last ten years there has been a massive shift towards favouring websites that provide relevant and fresh content.

Quite simply, Google sees those websites that are continually updated, are the ones making a concerted effort to be relevant for their targeted consumers. While Google considers nearly 200 factors in the algorithm, content is really starting to take the lead. If you don’t currently ‘do content’, you really need to re-evaluate your marketing strategy.

Step 1: Develop a Content Marketing Strategy

A content strategy is essential to keep you on track with your content marketing. Knowing what you should be posting, sharing and communicating to your potential, current and past customers is really important for all businesses. Knowing what is required, also allows you to manage your workflow and time in delivering the required content.

Formulating a content strategy needs to be a thought-through process and really tailored to each individual business/brand. To be successful in this space, you need to be consistent and share content that continually reinforces your brand story and your “why”.

Every piece of content whether it be a blog post, video, image or social media post needs to build on your brand’s personality; who your brand is and what you stand for. Brands can also have a variety of buyer personas within their target market so it is essential that all personas are considered and targeted when rolling out content.

Sound complicated?

Well, it is but it isn’t, all at the same time. You need to take the time to devise a clear plan for your content. Otherwise, it can be confusing for your potential clients. Once you have the plan in place you then need to make the time to create the content.

Amy & Jo can assist with strategy formulation that is unique to your business and industry. Some of our clients take the content plan and run with it. Others, require the assistance of content development and copywriting.

Please do not hesitate to contact Amy & Jo should you have any questions regarding your existing content strategy or if you are wanting to introduce content into your existing marketing mix.