Need copywriting or proof reading assistance for your business? You have certainly come to the right place as Amy & Jo is an expert when it comes to the written word. 

Copywriting for a Variety of Applications

Different channels of your communication generally demand different tones, best practice techniques and sometimes different approaches. Amy & Jo has extensive experience in drafting content for new websites, redesigned websites, blog posts, press releases, editorials, TV commercials, radio commercials, newspapers ads, and a number of other local area marketing channels.

Whether you are launching a new website, blog, social media platform or are developing new branded promotional collateral, it is essential that what you say is professional and on brand.

It also is critical that your message is grammatically correct with no typos. There is nothing worse than having prospective clients in your direct view (e.g. reading a sign, your website or Facebook page) but turning them away because you totally stuffed up what you were trying to say because of simple errors.

New Copy or Proofing Draft Text

Amy & Jo can either create new content from scratch or proof and edit content that you have already written. If your project requires new content, some brainstorming sessions will be needed in order to work out the objective, tone and message that needs to be conveyed.

Any ideas that you have will be used as the foundation and then built out from there. If you already have the general gist of what you want to say, proofing can be done to make sure what you are trying to say is down on paper.

Amy & Jo always provides an estimate of time and then charges per hour. If a project doesn’t take as long as forecast, you only pay for the time needed to get the task done. Please do not hesitate to get in touch to discuss your project.