We 100% understand that some business owners don’t have the time to run their business plus also do the marketing. But for those who do — and want to learn — we love to share our knowledge through marketing coaching programs. We love empowering clients to run their own marketing activities!

First We Help Create the Plan

If you are reading this, you must have some interest in learning how to better market your business. We are really excited to have you here! As with all new marketing projects, it is best to start with formulating a marketing plan of what needs to be done.

Amy & Jo have found that it is best to work together to create the plan. Taking care of this yourself is possible, but it can be a little overwhelming if you have never done it before. We can help get this done correctly and in a timely manner, and then we can get onto the marketing coaching.

Coaching Programs

Every marketing plan will be unique to the business and brand. So — it makes sense that marketing coaching programs will need to be tailored to the business and the plan that is in place. There is no point in learning about how to rollout a local area letterbox drop campaign when digital pay per click ads are the critical element of your marketing plan!

The coaching program for your business will also factor in your current experience with marketing your business. We want to ensure you learn the critical stuff that will deliver results, and not fluffy industry jargon and buzz words, just for the sake of it.

Experience With Marketing Coaching

Over the last decade, the team behind Amy & Jo has worked across multiple franchised brands and organisations with large sales teams. Every time a new team member joined the business, marketing induction and training programs were run. Plus — ongoing marketing training and coaching programs were always in place.

We know how to develop training guides that are super helpful and easy to follow. Plus, we love catching up face to face and via video conferences to ensure you feel confident with what you need to do.

Want To Learn How To Market Your Own Business?