Have a new product and not sure how to go to market? Or has your business recently plateaued and you’re not sure of the next steps to take? Amy & Jo can devise and implement a marketing strategy and plan to take your business to new heights.

Why Do You Need a Marketing Strategy?

We have seen too many small business clients caught up working IN their business versus ON their business.

Yes — scheduling time to work on your business can take you away from often urgent tasks that are staring you in the face. We have been the culprit of this too when managing a previous digital agency. However, we learned pretty quickly that spending time on the important tasks is where the untapped pot of gold is.

When you take the time out to look at the bigger picture and make a clear plan of what you need to do, it makes the everyday in your business a whole lot easier. Not only does it keep you on track and accountable; it can make delegation of tasks much more effective and easy to manage.

Strategy and Marketing Plans – The Process

Developing a new marketing strategy needs plenty of time for detailed analysis of your business. The first step is to understand your business in its current state. Analysing your business objectives, brand personality, current customers, operations and competitors maps out where you currently are. The next big question — how different is today from where you want to be tomorrow?

Marketing strategy formulation is also unique to each business. So, Amy & Jo uses a range of leading processes like design-thinking principles, SWOT analysis, scenario planning, and competitor analysis (to name a few) to create tailored solutions and marketing plans.

How Do Strategy Sessions Take Place?

Amy & Jo can work in a range of formats so sessions can be face-to-face or via video calls, so there really are no restrictions on getting started.

How different is today from where you want to be tomorrow?

Implementation Stages

Once your strategy is locked in, the next steps are prioritising tasks and timelines. In the perfect world you would kick-start all of the important projects at once! However, for most of us, budgets and resources are often restricted. Amy & Jo can assist your business, project by project, to implement your new strategy and start to see the return you have been dreaming of.

Review, Re-adjust & Review Again

Regular health checks are essential to ensuring your marketing activities are still relevant. Are your clients responding to your current campaign? Have you seen sales improving? How engaged are your clients? These are only some of the questions that you need to check in on, over and over again.

It is common practice to analyse your marketing activity monthly, weekly and daily (depending on what it is)! Amy & Jo is very analytical and will help identify the metrics important to your business, plus how to track them.

If you need assistance in formulating your marketing strategy, please do not hesitate to start chatting with us today.