In need of a professional website for the launch of her business, the Founder of SmarThin contacted Amy & Jo’s good friends at JD Graphic Design. Judith worked with JD Graphic Design to scope out the functional and user experience requirements for the site. The last outstanding element of the project was engaging and easy-to-understand content — so we helped out with copywriting services.

Having worked together on a number of previous projects, JD Graphic Design recommended Amy & Jo’s copywriting services. This was an exciting project because Judith had a very clear idea of what information she wanted to convey through the website.

Who Are SmarThin?

SmarThin is a nutritional counselling service that promotes holistic health, wellbeing and sustainable weight loss. SmarThin is unique as they are one of the only nutritional counselling services working closely with the principles and practices of the Mediterranean Diet. While based on the Gold Coast, this organisation has a wide reach through their online service and educational offering.

Copywriting for a New Website

Judith from SmarThin was brilliant to work with as she had the content for her website in draft form. The content however was quite scientific, technical and based on current research findings.

One of the difficult things in the counselling space is translating technical and theoretical information into ideas that are simple to understand and digest (for the average person).

Amy & Jo used the techy info as the base for the SmarThin website content. By proofing and editing the draft information, we were able to achieve punchy and shorter sentences — which are typically a lot simpler to read on screens. We elaborated on some of the more technical sections of text. And separated different topics to feature on different pages.

Amy & Jo helped SmarThin to deliver a website that is easy to use, navigate and identify which weight loss program is best suited to you.

Should you have draft content for your new website that needs additional copywriting and proofing to suit your target market, contact Amy & Jo today.

Ps. Don’t worry if you require copy but don’t have anything currently down on paper. We can proof drafts OR start completely from scratch.