With all of the different social platforms, you could easily spend all day scrolling through your feeds, responding to comments, and sharing what has been happening in your day. Honestly though, we imagine that you need to spend a lot of your own time working on more important things in your business. Our social media management plans can help to ease the load for you and your team (if you are lucky enough to have one!).

Creating a Social Strategy For Your Brand

Amy & Jo can assist in creating a strategy for your brand for social media. What channels are best? What objectives should you focus on? What content should you post? How regularly should you post? How can social media complement the rest of your communication and marketing strategy? These are all parts of the brief and solution.

Social Media Management Plans

Once the details of your new social strategy are finalised, we can then hand things over to you to manage on a daily basis. Or — if the prospect of managing your own content creation and social posting is too daunting — we can help with that also.

We work with clients on an ongoing basis to create content schedules for planned posts across their core social channels. Amy & Jo knows how critical branding, brand language and communicating your “why” is, so we make sure this is consistent across your entire social media calendar.

Plus, we know that social is such an ad hoc communication channel. All of the ‘random curly comments and questions’ that arise are managed in consultation with the experts in your business.