We need to think of brands almost like we do our friends. They have their own distinct personalities, quirky traits that really define who they are and memorable characteristics that keep them top of mind once they have left the room. I took this line of thinking into my brand development meetings with the owners of Tuk Tuk Safari Sri Lanka.

Who is Tuk Tuk Safari Sri Lanka?

Tuk Tuk Safari Sri Lanka is the brainchild of two best mates from Far North Queensland, Australia. Both avid travellers who fell in love with Sri Lanka a few years ago, these owners saw a major gap in the offering to tourists in Colombo.

There was the standard range of private tours and commercialised itineraries that didn’t show the true colour of Sri Lanka’s vibrant capital. Nothing that combined fun and the true local experience that travel addicts are constantly craving.

Tuk Tuk Safari takes guests on private local tours of Sri Lanka’s capital, Colombo. With the option of a few different itineraries and the option to create your own, guests are treated like kings (and queens). Cue the premium convertible trishaws decked out with cooler boxes and epic sound systems.

The tuk tuks look somewhat like vintage VW Combie’s with bright shiny aqua blue and white paint jobs, convertible rooftops, matte silver accessories, off-white roof canvas, and finished with teak doors. Fancy right?

Beyond the pimped out ‘tukkies’, the drivers are true characters themselves and meet guests with the offer of a chilled and freshly cracked King Coconut. Totally impressive and delish!

Sri Lanka’s newest business delivers fun, adventure and truly local experiences that take guests off the beaten track. The brand is a mixture of its two owner’s personalities—a little bit quirky, funny and over the top.

Amy & Jo is Creative, but not a Graphic Designer

I worked with one of my good friends and colleagues, JD Graphic Design, to arrive at the simple yet effective Tuk Tuk Safari Sri Lanka logo.

The outcomes of my brand development planning sessions with Tuk Tuk Safari’s owners were passed onto the brilliant design skills of JD who translated exactly what we had discussed.

The logo is bright, fun and in your face. This is the exact feeling that we wanted to convey, as the safaris themselves are delivered this way. Customers know exactly what they are in for, the moment they see any branded material. This brand development project was executed perfectly.

Tuk Tuk Safari Sri Lanka logo

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